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The cooperation aspects of ASPA include actions organized by five sector committees for the economy, science and technology, the environment, social affairs and culture. Since the implementation of the mechanism in 2005, an exciting programme has been defined by seminars, workshops and ministerial meetings for the development of South-South cooperation agreements. ASPA`s agreement as a Readsoft partner allows us to offer our customers the benefits of Readsoft technologies in document scanning processes. In particular, Readsoft solutions are solutions of choice worldwide for automatic data collection and have a certified integration with SAP via the cockpit module. The redesign of the format of the list of historical sites and monuments THE ASPA consists of four hierarchical levels:[2] . Procedure for selecting and appointing the Executive Secretary of the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat to review non-governmental expedition information exchange requirements Review of ASPA Management Plan 166 (Port-Martin, Terre-Adélie). ASPA intervenes in the areas of political coordination and cooperation between its member states. Status of the Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty – Although every work has been done to ensure the accuracy of the texts in the database, only the text of the printed version of the final ATCM report is the binding text. Exact copies of the printed version can be find in the “Tools and Resources – Final Reports” section. The data in this database on the contracting parties to the Antarctic Treaty and the Environmental Protocol, as well as the approval of recommendations and measures, comes from official data managed by the U.S.

State Department as custodian of the Antarctic Treaty. Revised list of Antarctic historical sites and monuments: The wreck of the ship Of Sir Ernest Shackletons, Endurance and C.A. Larsen Multiexpedition cairn Guidelines for the assessment and management of Heritage in Antarctica Procedures for intersessional CEP consideration of draft CEEs Visitor Site Guidelines Assessment and Review Checklist Cooperation, Facilitation and Exchange of Meteorological and Related Oceanographic and Cryospheric Information Environmental Information Revised Guidelines for Environmental Impact to browse the database with filters. Measures are also presented until each of the advisory parties of the Antarctic Treaty is approved. Renewal of the Secretariat`s contract as external auditor. Procedure for the appointment of the Antarctic Treaty Advisory Meeting Working Group Chair of the revised list of Antarctic historic sites and monuments: inclusion of a historic wooden stake on the historic site and Monument 60 (Corvette Uruguay Cairn), Seymour Island (Marambio), Antarctic Peninsula to reduce plastic pollution in Antarctica and the 60th anniversary of SCAR in the Southern Ocean and scar`s role in providing scientific advice to support the Antarctic Treaty ASPA consists of 34 Member States and the League of Arab States (LAS) and the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR). [1] The Member States of South America are: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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