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Netformx and Cisco worked closely together to develop the Netformx Partner (PIT) incentive tool to help sales teams maximize profitability by using promotions consistent with Cisco`s strategy. This tool allows your sales team to immediately analyze and view all available promotions, incentives and other profit bonuses that apply to a Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) estimate. You can then select the preferred options that will improve your competitive position and improve the overall profitability of your business. Multinational Certification Identifies partners with expertise in the distribution, supply and support of integrated Cisco solutions in several countries located in a given Cisco geographic region. Partners who receive the required number of silver and gold certifications in the region will be recognized as certified multinational partners for this region. To qualify, partners must have a multinational resale agreement. If you have expertise in the old TDM and PBX telephony systems, IP telephony and IP-based contact center solutions, then this program is exactly the other for you. You must also have a valid Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization. This program is not invited.

For more information, visit your Account Manager partner. Deliver the full Cisco TelePresence experience with infrastructure solutions, architectural features, management services and more. This program has 3 tracks suitable for companies with a global or multinational presence. With the TelePresence Video Master program, you can: If you have expertise in making the entire video end point portfolio available and you have extensive network and Advanced Unified Communications features as well as robust service practice, this program is precisely the goal for you. You must also have a valid Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization. If you need help registering, please contact us at Now, through a single channel incentive agreement program for certain incentive programs, sign up once and your business will remain registered as long as you are well in the program and with us. Game change for complex K-12/E-Rate estimates “PIT is a trusted builder. It gives me the certainty that I know that the estimate was made correctly. Rather than the tedious and frustrating process of manual creation every time the client changes his mind or changes program, I can quickly check the special program prices provided by Cisco PAM and make sure that the DSA is in our best interest.

And it will be a game change for these complex K-12/E rate estimates. It`s easy to use, and the support hours were great when I had questions. Mark this tool with a bookmark! If you continue, you will only have to register once, and you will stay connected as long as you are in a good position with us, that is, you will continue to meet all the requirements and criteria of the program. In addition, as of February 4, we will automatically register you for all eligible programs under the agreement, including: MIP was created to encourage solution providers to migrate customers from older or older Cisco devices to advanced technologies and intentional networks.

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