Flexible Seating Agreement

April 9th, 2021  |  Published in Uncategorized

We must be prepared to give up the strength of seating organization and to really transfer responsibility for seating to our students. I have discovered that the more power I give up in our classroom, the more power I recover. I also noticed that it helps my students become more aware of the types of seats and the environment that help them learn best. And they`re capable of making decisions. Imms` survey of 1,500 Australian educators showed that new types of learning rooms – which can range from flexible walls to classrooms with outdoor seating, not just additions to furniture – can help students become more creative and collaborative. There is also new but still limited research, as new types of spaces increase reading and math scores, he said. With flexible seats, it`s not just a multitude of different and fun seats in the classroom. It`s about using students` voices, creating buy-ins, increasing collaborative learning and prioritizing students` needs for the environment in which they learn. Traditional offices can make territorial or possessive students on their space and provisions. Flexible seats encourage students to share the two.

And this encourages them to take turns in different places and with different seats. For a productive and flexible classroom, a good level of classroom management is required, and this is an important part of the flexible seating process. At the beginning of the year, Kayla allows her students to try out the different seating arrangements. Then they can gradually choose where they sit for each task. Students and teachers work together to develop a set of standards for the use of space. For example, children must go to a seat, and if there is a dispute over a particular seat, students resolve it either by mutual agreement, not the seat, or. If children do not work properly, they may lose their seat privileges. All students know that the teacher reserves the right to move them. How does this combine with flexible seats? Kelly Almer, a long-time educator at Littleton Public Schools in CO, recently switched to flexible seats.

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