Full Time Shop Steward Agreement

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B. What information can I get about a company? General information on the company`s situation and financial situation, both automatically and on request. You can ask. B information on the use of labour on the basis of a subcontract. (a) It was indisputable that at the time of Phakhathi`s appointment as the full-tim store steward, approximately 700 employees had fallen into the bargaining unit, and there was clearly a justification for the existence of this position. Cooperation issues can be discussed with those who concern them. If, after disclosure, the employer has stated that the information is trade or business secrets and therefore particularly confidential information, the shop steward must disclose it when discussing the information with the members. (b) to monitor the employer`s compliance with the workplace provisions of this act, all legal provisions governing conditions of employment and any collective agreement binding on the employer; The basic principle is that the store stewards are sufficiently informed to settle the affairs of the people they represent. The information that must be communicated to the directors is contained in the legislation and in certain collective agreements. Management will recognize a full-time store manager of the majority union provided that the number of members of such a union exceeds 50% of the number of employees in the recognized collective unit. The full-time Steward store will perform under the Full Time Shop Stewards agreement.

If the number of members of the majority union were to fall below 50% of the employees of the recognised collective unit, this position will be reconsidered. Joint management of enterprises or jobs 18.3 Any duration of this agreement may be renegotiated by both parties, provided that the intention to renegotiate is communicated to the other party thirty days after written notification. During their tenure, company directors enjoy extensive protection against termination of the employment relationship, usually under the Employment Contracts Act. The extension of protection against dismissal includes collective dismissals. The head of the school must have a complete understanding of the collective agreement under which the workers work. The Steward store acts as a first responder when an employee makes a claim to the union under the collective agreement. The store steward is trying to resolve the dispute with management.

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