Google Reseller Agreement

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Familiarize yourself with your Google Workspace administration console. For more information about the administration console, please visit the administration console. To connect to your administration console, go “Brand Guidelines” refers to Google`s policies for the use of Google brand functions by third parties under: “reseller,” if any, the authorized dealer who sells or provides the services to the customer. 3.4 Third-party components. Components Third parties (including open source software) of services may be subject to separate licensing agreements. To the extent that a third-party license expressly replaces this agreement, that third-party license regulates the customer`s use of this third-party component. If a customer transfers to your account, you may need to accept agreements for their current products. “Services,” applicable cloud identity core services provided by Google and used by the customer in accordance with this agreement. The services are described here: or any other URLs that Google can provide.

Transferred customers: If a customer has multiple products and wants to transfer them to your reseller management, you must be able to resell all of these products. To resell more products, you accept their dealer contracts. 1.6 New apps and services. Google may: (i) provide new applications, tools, functions or features from time to time via the Services and (ii) add from time to time new services to the definition “services” (by adding under the url under this definition) whose use may depend on the customer`s consent to additional terms. 7.2 Rejection policy. Google will announce whether it intends to fix or change the inconsistent changes to the services listed in the following URL. Google will make reasonable business efforts to continue to operate these service versions and features identified by without continuing these changes at least one year after this announcement, unless (as Google states in its reasonable and good faith judgment): this API is aimed at licensed reseller developers and service integrators who wish to write client applications that manage orders and subscriptions. “reseller agreement,” the separate agreement between the customer and the reseller with respect to services. The reseller agreement is independent of and outside the scope of this agreement.

Install your administration console`s reseller tool console. The API is an interface to manage and create subscriptions for the reseller tool console. “SLA” refers to the service level agreement that applies only to the Cloud Identity – Premium edition, which is located at: or any other URL that Google may provide. “Additional Product Conditions” refers to current conditions to or as provided by Google. For more information on the future of a reseller, visit the Google Workspace Reseller program. You must have a fully executed and signed reseller contract to be able to use the reseller tool console and reseller API. “service-specific conditions,” the specific conditions of one or more services at “Authorized Use Policies,” the acceptable usage policy for available services or any other URL that may be provided by Google. 16.13 Full agreement. This agreement sets out all the conditions agreed between the parties and replaces all other agreements between the parties regarding their purpose. At the time of the conclusion of this agreement, neither party relied on a declaration, insurance or guarantee (negligence or not) and neither party will have any right or recourse, except that expressly defined in this agreement.

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