Independent Schools Act Standards Model (Teachers) Multi Enterprise Agreement 2017

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It is not strictly necessary for the employer to decide between granting a worker`s application in full or rejecting the application. Instead, the school should meet with the employee to discuss the proposed work agreement and any problems that may arise if the application is accepted. Where possible, the employer should strive to reach an agreement that balances the needs of the school and the workers. Starting in 2017, teachers who have taught in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand will be automatically counted for classification purposes. SALARY INCREASES In 2017, teachers received an increase of 2.3%, followed by an increase of 2.5% in 2018, 2019 and 2020. The UNION considers that the increase in wages is a good result for members in the current economic context of low inflation. BACKPAY The 2.3% pay increase begins at the beginning of the first pay period after February 1, 2017. The teachers` MEA expressly provides, in Article 5, point (d), on S9, that the difference between the 2017 mea rate and the rate actually received by the teacher during this period (i.e. the additional payment) must be paid as soon as possible after the start of the new MEA. PERSONAL/CARER`S LEAVE The new rules on personal leave/facilitators for teachers will begin in early 2017, with a single credit of 15 days off and a gradual delimitation of 15 days per year, without limit (see meA points 18.2 and 18.3 for transitional provisions). A special one-day leave per year will now also be available to fulfill a planned family obligation where the time is beyond the teacher`s control. New, more flexible rules apply to disease detection – no evidence is required for the first three days of personal/nurse leave in a calendar year.

In the event of absence after the first three days, a teacher may not be required, in the event of bodily harm or illness, to present a medical certificate for the absence of two consecutive days or more; however, in the event of absence due to personal emergency or domestic violence, the teacher must present evidence for each day of absence. VOLUME 1 to VOLUME 2 The school should consider all the options available to it, in particular all the employment opportunities within the school that may be offered, for example. B example, a teacher who works as a boarding school supervisor or an RFF role. The more opportunities the school offers to staff, the easier it is to show the Fair Labour Commission that the school has tried to meet the worker`s needs for flexibility in work regimes. Within 21 days of the written request, the staff member must receive a written response explaining the reasons for rejecting the original application, the options available or a declaration of the revised agreements (if agreed). The Union thanks the members for their patience in waiting for the approval of the agreements. (a) the person`s employer no longer requires that the person`s activity be carried out by someone, as the employer`s requirements are changed; and the Independent Schools NSW/ACT Standards Model (Teachers) Multi-Enterprise Agreement 2017 was approved by the Fair Work Commission on 22 March 2017 and starts on 29 March 2017.

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