Sample Marketing Partnership Agreement

April 12th, 2021  |  Published in Uncategorized

The parties to this agreement agree to undertake co-marketing efforts as described below: [MarketingActivity.Description] By electronic signature below, both parties agree to conclude this joint marketing agreement and to respect at any time any aspect of the terms of this Agreement. This co-marketing agreement is a contract that defines how two companies exchange materials, tools and training to market each other`s products or services. Under this agreement, marketing partners can organize joint marketing events or perform promotions or joint sales. In return for assistance, each marketing partner is entitled to a percentage of the total revenue it generates directly with the products or services of the other marketing partner, in addition to a percentage of all sales made with the product or service provider resulting from joint marketing efforts. A co-marketing agreement can help a company reduce advertising costs, as marketing partners collectively share the costs of all marketing promotions or events. This agreement allows both companies to define the payment rules, the marketing field, of how disputes are handled under other fundamental conditions of the service contract. Other names for this document: Joint Marketing Agreement, Cooperative Marketing Agreement A marketing partnership agreement is reached when two companies work together to promote efforts for a co-branding offer. Both companies are responsible for sharing the work and participating in the results of the aid. PandaTip: This agreement establishes a formal relationship between two companies that wish to undertake joint or co-marketing efforts. To customize the model, just fill in the tokens in the menu on the right. PandaTip: These terms are generally used for co-marketing agreements. We advise your legal counsel to have them checked to make sure they meet your business needs. [Sender.Name] and [Signer.Name] individually offer products or services that are related or complementary.

In order to increase the demand for products and brand awareness of the two companies, the parties included in this agreement enter into a joint marketing agreement. PandaTip: This model contains PandaDoc`s legally binding electronic signatures. You and your potential co-marketing partner can sign this agreement on any computer or mobile device! Both parties agree to fulfill and implement the following responsibilities under this joint marketing agreement: If your company and another entity wish to agree on a marketing campaign or joint advertising, a co-marketing agreement helps protect both companies and avoid misunderstandings by edifying the terms of the agreement.

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