Shareholders Agreement South Africa Template

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(g) shareholders – from time to time all registered shareholders of the company. 12.7. The provisions of this clause constitute irrevocable consent of the contracting parties to any of the proceedings in it, and none of the contracting parties is entitled to claim that it is not bound by them and that it is dissociable from the rest of this Agreement, and that it is fully valid for any reason, regardless of the information, cancellation, disability or alleged invalidation of this Agreement. 4.3. Shareholders take the necessary steps to amend the Memorandum and the Company`s by-law so that they are in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. 3. When a company wants to raise funds by providing a passive investor who will contribute funds as equity capital. The shareholders` pact will be necessary to define the rights, responsibilities and obligations of existing shareholders (who generally retain an active role in the management of the company) and new shareholders who can only play a passive role. This shareholders` pact is accompanied by detailed information that provides more information and support.

(b) in the event that shareholders accept the issuance of additional shares or securities that may be converted into shares, any shareholder has the right to acquire the securities offered at a later date in relation to his respective shares in the company at the time of that offer. 2. When two or more existing companies that carry out their own operations contract a joint venture for specific purposes and use a business as a vehicle for the joint venture. An example could be where a supplier and distributor are needed to enter into a contract for a large project. You can create a joint venture to close the contract. They will want a shareholder pact that would set out their respective rights, obligations and responsibilities; “The shares represented by this certificate are and are transferable only in accordance with a shareholders` pact of the date – of the shareholders, a copy of which is available at the office of the company secretary.” (b) If the company or shareholders exercise an option or right to exchange or purchase shares of a shareholder under this agreement, the purchase price is 2. (a) Without the unanimous agreement of all shareholders, the company will not perform any of the following measures:i) Issue additional shares of each class or securities What happens to your shares if you die? Now, could you say they go to your spouse and/or your children, but if the shoe is on the other foot, would you want to be in business with your partner`s spouse and/or children? This issue is all the more important in companies where shareholders are active on a daily basis.

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