Subiaco Enterprise Agreement Nurses

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18 d) The provisions of the paragraph of this sub-clause do not apply to a tutor who, on a day of the week, begins his usual working hours after 12 o`clock and ends those hours that day around or before 6 p.m. The burden of normal wage rates for a tutor who works a full night shift starting and ending between 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. on a weekday is 35%. Provided that in the event of an extension or reduction of a position of less than 12 hours, the penalty rate of the position paid for the normal working hours of that position would have been applied if the departure time and/or the end had not been changed. (2) A tutor who is responsible for normal working hours on the following Saturday, between midnight on Friday and midnight, receives a load of 50% of the actual working hours during that period. A tutor who is available between midnight on Saturday and 7:30 a.m. the following Monday for normal working hours is assigned a 75% charge on the actual working time during this period. 3. If a guardian works on a broken layer, each part of that layer is considered a separate layer within the meaning of this clause. (4) If normal working hours extend to midnight on Friday night or Sunday night to Friday and Sunday, additional payments for shift work and weekend work are calculated for each part of the position based on the rate applicable to the additional pay for shift work and work on weekends. 29. PENALTY CALCULUS If the attendant works hours to entitle him to pay more than one of the punitive penalties to be paid based on hours, hours of care, overtime, shift and weekend work allowances or the provisions of this agreement, only the highest of this penalty is payable.

In the case of casual cases, such a penalty is added to the burden of casual leave, unless it is not inconsistent with clause 18 of this agreement. 30. SUPERIOR DUTIES (1) A tutor capable of performing all the duties of a position that attracts a higher rate of pay than he or she usually provides is entitled to the higher rate while he or she is employed. (2) If a tutor performs certain but not all tasks of the position, a rate of pay below the rate normally applied can be paid by appointment between the employer and the guardian. 3. When a caregiver accepts higher obligations or responsibilities because of a project or similar process in the short term and these higher responsibilities or responsibilities are not introduced from an existing agency, an appropriate rate of pay is set by mutual agreement between the employer and the guardian.

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