Theatrical And Television Motion Picture Area Standards Agreement Of 2019

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Travel Only Days (including holidays) 4 hours per hour or hour, actually travel, but no more than 8 hours of paid time. Cancellation of the call If the notification is not made up to 6 p.m. of the work of the day before, the employee is due at least 8 hours. Holidays New Year Good Friday Day Remembrance Day Independence Day Independence Day Thanksgiving Day The day after Thanksgiving Christmas Day A holiday that falls on one Sunday is celebrated on the following Monday. A public holiday that falls on a Saturday is observed on the previous Friday, except that during the working weeks on the 6th day, the Saturday holidays are recognized on Saturday. The payment for leave not worked is 8 hours in a row. To be entitled to unworked leave pay, an employee must work the scheduled work day before and the scheduled work day after the leave. If the next scheduled working day after the leave is followed by a break of one week or more, no vacation pay is payable. There is no vacation money for unsought vacations in long-form TV productions, pilots, or the first season of a one-hour TV series. Enabling clause For each production, the employer or the Union may require, on a case-by-case basis, certain production-specific changes to the terms and provisions of the standard land agreement. The union or employer, if any, will consider such changes and will make reasonable efforts to respond to the other party within 3 business days of receiving the request.

These amendments to the agreement shall be made by means of a Memorandum of Understanding. Showbiz Labor Guide 2010/2011 Area Standards Agreement – Page 7 On July 18, 2015, Kevin Amick, Local Director of Education 479, completed with 93 participants the largest orientation course to date for new members. Kevin asked us to thank Billy Deacon, Theresa Khouri and AB Cooper for their participation in this very popular event. A delicious lunch was prepared by St├ęphanie Beman. Local 479 wishes good luck to all these members in this highly competitive activity and hopes that they will play their part in contributing to the next chapter of our state`s film industry. . . .

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